MPB 7 (1)
1 Mitchells Peasblossom Embrace Headed some nice babies, quite forward in development but not overly so, very good body lines, liked her neck, shoulder and upper arm very much, was inclined to lean back a little on her hocks standing but is correct here and once on the move was on her toes and moved with purpose
2 Corbett’s Trimere Touch of Black just as she should be for her age, very typical B/W with excellent topline, good legs and feet , sweet head and expression, stands balanced, just a bit puppyish on the move
3 Gibsons' Calvdale Almost Legal
4 Tements Hunterheck Winter Sunset

PB 6
1 Cokells' Carlyquinn Classic Line Quality juvenile with the potential to finish well, should tighten as she continues to develop, lovely rib and chest with correct depth of body, has correct angulation all through free from exaggeration and finishing in a rear assembly which is very well made. Lovely head, feminine with bright expressive eyes. BPB
2 Jenkinson’s Eastriding Femme Excels in neck and shoulders, still a little raw but moves soundly with reach and drive, classy specimen who appeals in many ways
3 Young’s Shelcasque Dancing Queen
4 McGovem Riselawroad Copacabana for Baxbaloch

JB 7
1 McCourts' Woodspa Eucalyptus very nice type of Springer, pleasing and feminine head, elegant neck, good depth of chest, level topline, good loin, satisfactory rear quarters, good to go over, moved freely in profile movement and accurate both coming and going, shown in reasonable coat;
2 Jacksons Mompesson Elegance close up decision, just into Junior, balanced type, I liked her head properties but she was just a little longer in foreface and very slightly lighter in eye than 1 but did not effect her expression, well bodied and of good construction she has a lot to offer and really showed how classically she is made when moving to advantage

3 Rawding/Bolton-Lockhart Gleadsbury Petite Etoile at Dukedel
4 Walkers' Dexbenello Oki Doki


YB 11 (1)
1 Smith’s Melverly Rihanna Really lovely individual, most beautifully moulded skull and proportionate foreface, pretty and expressive with well set eyes and ears, good front generally with shapely neck and well laid shoulders flowing into super topline and good underline, well let down behind but stands as she should with nothing overstated, I like her a lot
2 McCourts' Woodspa Eucalyptus
3 Jackson’s Mompesson Paper n Lace
4 Topliss' Beresford Kiss N Tell


MB 3 (1)
1 Cokells' Carlyquinn Classic Line
2 Long & Leemings Speeton Sea Sprite Looks the part and is nicely made with sensible proportions, good in rib and hindquarters, was hard and fit

NB 5
1 Cokells' Carlyquinn Classic Line
2 Rawding/Bolton-Lockhart Gleadsbury Petite Etoile at Dukedel Prettily headed bitch with kind expression, ok in shoulder and upper arm, good sort generally and really comes into her own moving where she uses herself to full advantage
3 Long & Leemings Speeton Sea Sprite
4 Holt’s Trimer Tranqueliser


1 Walkers Dexbenella Eluzive Dream Very typical example with good head properties and melting expression, head well set on, good forehand, lovely spring of rib, good rear assembly, strong, short hocks which she really used to drive along and cover the ground moving
2 McCourts' Woodspa Eucalyplus
3 Eyeington’s Jazz Singer of Meadowdale
4 Warreners Dexbellena Gracie May for Waterswarren

GB 4
1 McCourts' Woodspa Eucalyptus
2 Rawding/Bolton-Lockhart Gleadsbury Petite Etoile at Dukedel
3 Rostrons Ziphill Memphis Girl
4 Clarke/Varney Hunterheck Hermoine with Tigerrock

PGB 11 High quality class I liked all the ones shortlisted very much indeed
1 Corbett’s Trimere Tantrums & Tiaras Handles and presents well, very fit and supple all through, constructed in each department as the standard dictates, and moves out freely and truly as a result, had all that I was looking for in her head, was a contender in the challenge and is a very good bitch
2 Osborns Petranella Casts a Spell Over Braego JW another fine and typical b, well made all through and moves soundly and easily, eye a little round but still very pleasing in head
3 Wilson & Whitleys' Shipden Ysatis
4 Topliss' Peasblossom Butterfly at Beresford

LB 20 (4) Another class of the highest order
1 Cokells' Trimere Thrills & Frills JW stands so balanced on best of legs and well padded feet, smart and well built, really appealing head properties, lovely neck and shoulders that flows into firm topline, good tail set, sound, unexaggerated, correct all over she could not be discounted in the challenge
2 House' Gleadsbury Whataliberty JW another very nice example, good in make and shape and very typical, good angulation front and back and all connected with good body and strong loin giving her a good backline, looks like she could go all day, a pleasure to go over
3Jacksons' Mompesson Celebrity
4 Mitchells' Barecho Not Bad at All at Peasblossom (imp)

OB 11 (4) What a class!

1 Corbett’s SH CH Trimere Tigra Surely one for whom the Standard could have been written, this Tri holds herself perfectly and has an allure that is hard to deny, as I went over her I could feel myself mentally sighing with delight to find what I wanted wherever I went from the tip of her head which was so lovely to handle with good eyeset, shape & quality of expression to her superb quarters and correct tailset. There is nothing overdone just all the requisites that would take her effortlessly from bench to field if required and of all her virtues what I loved was the feeling of lithe, athleticism as demonstrated by second thigh and muscle tone throughout, firm but still refined and ultra feminine this kennel consistently produced well conditioned Springers today and this one is gorgeous. CC and BIS
2 Smith’s SH CH Melverley Sublimity so very typical of what is required, built on classic lines, lovely head with beautiful eyes and expression, she would be hard to penalise in any area and would have been my ticket winner readily on any other day as she moves like a Springer should with reach and drive because of her excellent conformation and is a special one but here she did not have quite the decisive conditioning and bloom of winner RCC
3 Savell’s Petrenella Perfickly Dealt JW Sh CM
4 Nichol/Scott SH CH Elmvek Early Landing at Loosiedoon

SBB 6 (2)

1 Wilson & Whitleys’ Shipden Ysatis Sound and feminine this is a super B/W bitch that handles well, lovely bone, good size and in excellent order, expression soft and yielding
2 McCourt’s Woodspa Eucalyptus
3 Clarke/Varney Hunterheck Hermoine with Tigerrock
4 McGovern Riselawroad Copacabana tor Boxbolach

VB (2)
1 Walkers' Sh Ch Trimere Total Devotion to Dexbenella JW ShCM Quality individual not present to merely make up the numbers and pressed the youngsters in the challenge, eye catching from all angles with her correct lines and presence, I loved her outlook and straight front and steadfast typical regard, she strode out well and well deserves her title
2 Newloves' Calvdale Call Sign of Teignvalley ShCM Another really nice one, and again in lovely nick and presented beautifully, and fits the standard well
Ellen Dobson Memorial Slakes Open D or B 5 (2)
1 Eyeingtons' Woodspa Ash of Meadowdale
2 Whitley's Shipden Will Hay
3 Topliss' Cepen Country Heiress at Beresford

Sally Leslie (Judge)

Principle Winners June Champ Show.

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