Northern English Springer Spaniel Society

Minor Puppy dog (3,2a)
1st. Warreners’ Waterswarren Willy Wonka
Substantial young dog, well balanced, with good conformation. Pleasant enough head that should break in time. Good eye and expression , good length of neck with good shoulders. Mature body, well ribbed. Well developed bone with nice feet. Moved well for a youngster. Will be interesting to see how he eventually develops.

Puppy Dog (5, 2a)
1st. Warreners’ Waterswarren Willy Wonka
2nd Rawdings’ Dukedel Dream Of Mine
Nice young dog, good size and shape, well balanced, neat all over, good mover. In nice coat. Would like more substance. Just needs more experience.
3rd Lawler/Thomas’ Roqfolly Hugo Drax

Junior Dog (4)
1st Walkers’ Dexbenella Time To Dream
An easy winner here. Plenty of breed type in this one. Most attractive dog, lovely shape, very compact and upstanding. Good head with some width and strength, reasonably dark eye that will probably improve. Plenty of substance in body with a strong topline and big quarters. Shown in good coat – plenty of furnishings with overdoing it and coat is a good texture. One criticism – he shows a touch of Russell Grant around the waistline but that can be rectified I’m sure! Moved very well outside, not so good in the Challenge inside but I had seen enough to award him Res CC in good company.
2nd Larges’ Meadowdale Riot is Madaza
An attractive dog - well presented with many virtues. Not as dark in eye as winner and would prefer him to be in harder condition and stronger in topline.
3rd Wilsons’ Mosi Mahub for Zawspring
4th Eyeingtons’ Meadowdale Chaos

Yearling Dog (1)
1st Eyeingtons’ Meadowdale Banjo JW
An eye catching dog, different type and less compact to previous winner, but shapely with a good outline, well conformed but needs to develop more in chest. Very good side gait but needs to tighten in front movement. Well presented in beautiful coat.

Maiden Dog (1, 1a)

Novice Dog (2, 2a)

Undergraduate Dog (2)
1st Walkers’ Dexbenella Time To Dream
2nd Jenkinsons’ Eastriding Armani Diamonds
L/W – nicely balanced dog with plenty of daylight underneath him. Rather in the teenager stage at the moment with his head needing to change as it is rather plain at the moment. Shoulders could be better angled. He has a well developed chest but still needs develop in width of rib although he is well ribbed back. Good bone. Sound out and back but would like more reach in front. Well presented and extremely well muscled.

Graduate Dog (5, 1a)
1st Walkers’ Dexbenella Time To Dream
2nd Savell/Botts’ Petranella Hot Gossip JW
A lovely dog – neat and strong, balanced with all the essentials of a dog who, with maturity will be well worth campaigning. A good head with depth and width and correct foreface. Moved very well. Plenty of bone and well presented correct coat. Close up to winner – just beaten on eye and expression. Who knows –with the Scandinavian system he could well have been in the final four.
3rd Glendinnings’ Plaiglen Hustle
4th Eyeingtons’ Meadowdale Chaos

Post Graduate Dog (13, 2a)
an interesting class. The deluge towards the end of the class affected some of the movement. The first two boys were of the type I remember from this area of the North years ago. Nice to know it’s still there!
1st Thornhills’ Chelmeress Peter Pan at Inthor
L/W strong compact dog of good type and size. Lovely old fashioned head with depth and some width to it as well as chiselling. Dark expressive eyes of the right size and shape, and a lovely way of looking at you. Well boned with substance. During the last circuit in the pouring rain he outmoved the second place winner but it was close.
2nd Willeys’ Speeton Sea Challenger
As I have already commented on, a lovely type of dog and similar to winner – with a lovely old fashioned head and delightful Springer expression and the correct ear set. Well ribbed body and compact with typical outline. Good in bone and feet.
3rd Wilsons’ Shipden Authorised at Zawspring
4th Jenkinsons’ Eastriding Armani Black

Limit Dog (10, 2a)
the sudden downpour made it necessary to move inside so I consequently had to make allowances in movement.
1st Greens’ Kennair Owatanight
Quality dog with a gorgeous head and expression. Obviously a dog with a huge personality he played his handler up in every way possible... Standing he is well conformed with good angles and reasonable balance. Good neck into shoulder and a strong topline with lovely big quarters. Moving he has a big side gait with a very long stride not really suited to the indoor ring and although he did enough to win this class, he would have really benefitted from the outside ring later on.
2nd Happs’ Jorobaden Aldeniti of Emianna JW
Very nice dog - different type to winner but has lots to like. Pleasant head , neat, clean outline and well made all through. Good quarters and short hocks. Sound moving and well presented. Preferred eye and expression of winner.
3rd Smiths’ Mistilys Golden flash over Melverly (imp)
4th Eastwoods’ Plaiglen Memories at Eastfella

Open Dog (6, 2a)
1st Notleys’ CIE/SU/NU CH High Score Xciting Xperience with Celgarn (imp)
Well it was an exciting experience for me.. - what a lovely typical Springer. Definitely “highest on the leg and raciest in build” in outline. Well balanced head with width and depth. Good eye and expression, well set sensible ears, clean throat with a correct strong neck flowing into well laid and strong shoulders. Well ribbed body and good quarters. Short strong loin. Weatherproof coat without being overcoated. Moved well enough inside and really came into his own outside when moving for BIS. Whilst in many ways he is a refined modern dog he could easily be popped into the Tardis and transported into some kennels of the fifties without looking out of place. Dog CC and with the agreement of my co judge BIS.
2nd Jacksons’ Sh Ch Mompesson Striker
A different type of Springer and very eye catching. Has a beautiful coat. Well boned with correctly laid shoulders and nicely angled behind. I preferred the head of winner and would like more length of leg. In the challenge for Res CC his hind movement let him down.
3rd Traczs’ Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate
4th Hares’ Wayforme Moon River

Special Beginners Dog (4)
1st Woolhouses’ Cherishym Outlaw
Res in a good post grad class. Appealing typical dog, sound and well balanced with good topline. Lovely dark eyes.
2nd Joyce’s Shelcasrie Head Over Heels
pleasing L/W/T dog, attractive head, well made body with good conformation. Just not as compact as winner.
3rd Drinkalls’ Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft
4th Wrights’ Anacapa Jamieson Gold

Veteran Dog (5, 2a)
1st Whitleys’ Shipden Will Hay ShCM
B/W typical masculine dog, all Springer. Balanced head with lovely expression, strong well made body , strong quarters with a well set tail, in good coat moved well. Also best B/W male.
2nd Merry’s Anacapa Solo Flyer ShCM
Another good quality older lad, of appealing type, Good head, nice short coupled body and a sound mover. Just lost out in shoulder placement to winner. Probably the best feet of the day- they were copybook!
3rd Hares’ Wayforme Moon River

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