Northern English Springer Spaniel Society

1st Downwards-Reubens Razzle Dazzle Perhaps his first outing? This 6 month charmer tried so hard to please. A well-shaped head of good proportions. Nice size and shape to eye which I’m sure will darken. Pleasing in neck and shoulders with good spring to rib and agreeably coupled. In fine coat and moved well for such a baby. Promising.

PD 2 (1Ab)
1st Topliss-Forest Fruit From Tamaam to Beresford Best Puppy in Show At 9 months old a substantial pup stood on good bone & feet. Pleasing ‘doggy’ head with satisfying expression - eye to darken. Has a lovely moulded skull that flows into arched strong neck and excellent shoulder placement, good depth and spring to rib, well-made hind quarters with nice turn to stifle. Free easy stride won him BPIS.

JD 3
1st Rawding-Dukedel Dream of Mine Has gained confidence with age and experience. This young male appeals for size, overall balance and most attractive headpiece. He conveys a soft expression and head has work which offers both quality and refinement. All body parts fit well together so that in outline he is free from exaggeration. Once settled to the job has good forward reach and driving action. In lovely coat and condition.
2nd Warrener-Waterwarren Willy Wonka More substantial and bigger made than 1. Strong, reasonable head that is undeniable dog. Eye to darken but none the less a pleasing outlook. Deep body and powerful quarters. Ample bone and correct feet. A bit of a handful but once applied himself moved well. Beautiful gloss to coat and well presented.
3rd Lillie-Eastriding Cavalli

Yearling Dog 2
1st Rawding-Dukedel Dream of Mine
2nd Warrener-Waterwarren Willy Wonka

Maiden Dog 1
1st Lillie-Eastriding Cavalli Third in Junior but not disgraced. Very much the youngster, Has plenty time to fill out and mature, Nice dark liver jacket covering a well proportioned body, Thought the showing ‘thing’ a malarkey but once settled moved well.

Novice Dog 1
1st Warrener-Waterwarren Willy Wonka

Debutante Dog 2 (1Ab)
1st Warrener-Waterwarren Willy Wonka

Graduate Dog 3
1st Large-Meadowdale Riot is Madaza In noticeable hard condition and admirably presented. This dog moved at one with his handler displaying good reach and drive whilst maintaining a level topline and good tail action. Balanced throughout he has a well proportioned head, good front,body,bone and feet. Well muscled quarters. All in all a fine representative of the breed.
2nd Rawding-Dukedel Dream of Mine
3rd Drinkall-Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft

Post Graduate Dog 3 (2Ab)
1st Morgan-Plaiglen Dream Dancer A B/W of good quality and a type I like. Well moulded head with gentlest of expressions, strong arched neck and good body properties. Carrying a touch weight over shoulders. Exuberant in nature but soon settled to produce sound, steady movement. In great form and first class presentation.

Limit Dog 6 (1Ab)
1st Happs-Jorobaden Alberniti of Emianna JW Know the name but don’t recall having seen this dog until today. What a lovely surprise package! Lots of work in headpiece giving super expression stamped with refinement. He is for me the correct size and of a pleasing type. Nothing overdone in any department. Good reachy neck, lovely point to shoulder - lay back flows into level topline,nice arch over loin, good width and well muscled hind quarters, Enough furnishings and pleasing presentation. Moved with purpose. Pleased to award him Best Dog in Show.
2nd Morgan-Plaiglen Dream Dancer
3rd Kirk-Laceby Jack in the Box
4th Large-Mompesson Flawless is Madaza
5th Gregory-Arcadia Atomic Force

Open Dog 3
1st Topliss-Rianlas in the Black at Beresford Topliss’s Rianlas in the Black at Beresford. B/W I have admired before. In stance he is of good size. Flows from nose to tail. Pleasing head which is balanced. Gentle, expressive dark eyes. Nice width and depth to foreface. Strong, clean front and good spring to rib, good coupling and correct hind angulation. Well boned and cat like feet. Enough furnishings to compliment this balanced dog. Moved freely.
2nd Tracz-Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate Sh C.M. A bigger dog than 1,fit’s the standard well. Immaculately presented and in super, hard condition, Has a handsome head and tender expression. Balanced throughout. Moved true and at one with handler. Prefer type of 1.
3rd Lillie-Tryhard Tempest at Freeway

MPB No entries

PB 3 (1Ab)
1st Corbett-Trimere Tough Cookie Pleasing outline to this puppy bitch, Good head properties-plenty time for eye to darken, Nice arch to neck and super shoulders, Body at the developing stage but nothing overdone, A handful but enjoys her showing as a puppy should . Moved well once settled.
2nd Gibson-Calvdale Festivities shows promise despite handler struggling with her naughty but nice attitude to the show world. A compact pup in dark liver jacket. Lovely eye shape, size and colour giving sweet expression. Deep body and nice tail set. Prattled about on the move so difficult to assess.

JB 4
1st Scott-Melverly Islay Inspired at Lossiedoon maturing well and is a most eye catching bitch. Has quality throughout. The more you look the more you like. Clean planes to head properties with gentle expression and well moulded skull. Lovely in neck & shoulder, streamlined to firm back and strength over loin. Good width to thigh and well off for bone. Moved steadily. In nice feather and pleasing presentation.
2nd Elliott-Allenie’s Tears For Fears with Jonobar A finer bitch all through but even so, balanced and with elegance. Has refined head with good chisel and pleasing rise from foreface to skull. Eyes to darken. Good in neck & shoulder ,enough heart room and decent coupling. Moved and handled well.
3rd Thornhill-Eastriding Fleur de Rose
4th Rostron-Ziphill Tennessee Gold

Yearling Bitch 4 (1Ab)
1st Topliss-Beresford Don’t Tempt Me My cup of coffee. An old-fashioned stamp to this young bitch who is growing up to start troubling her peers. Flows right through and conveys a pleasing picture in stance. Unexaggerated and robust with quality. Her head is balanced and has both work and a soft expression expected of the breed. She moved steadily and true with good tail action. Will watch her progress
2nd Scott-Melverly Islay Inspired at Lossiedoon
3rd Rostron-Ziphill Tennessee Gold

Maiden Bitch 1
1st Gibson-Calvdale Festivities

Novice Bitch 1
1st Rostron-Ziphill Tennessee Gold A young bitch that needs time to mature. Tried hard to please handler but not quite getting her act together. Has all the essentials, I’m sure time will be her friend

Debutante Bitch 2
1st Elliott-Allenie’s Tears For Fears with Jonobar
2nd Rostron-Ziphill Tennessee Gold

Graduate Bitch 3 (1Ab)
1st Topliss-Peasblossom Hope For Beresford A good bitch all through. Attractive outline. Animated manner and moved well. Decent, proportioned head with strength in neck and well laid shoulders. Good front ,rib and strength in quarters. Ample bone and good feet. Nicely presented.
2nd Kirk-Laceby Rag Doll A nice bitch but spoils her chances by roaching her back. Very feminine with attractive outlook although eye to darken. Moved soundly. In fine feather.

Postgraduate Bitch 3 (2Ab)
1stt Warrener-Waterwarren Whitewash Pretty bitch in super sheen and good condition. Honest expression from a well proportioned head. Good body properties with excellent shoulder placement.Deepin chest, good over loin and nice chunky bum. Good profile movement with plenty reach and drive.

Limit Bitch 5 (2Ab)
1st Corbett-Trimere Touch of Black Stood this B/W provides the most attractive picture. Of correct size and everything as it should be. Her head displays much work with correct ear placement and expressive dark eyes. Best of fronts, good arch to neck, lovely point of shoulder, level topline,nicely ribbed, pleasing in coupling, good width to thighs, nice turn to stifle, good bone & feet. At first she lacked animation but with handlers encouragement got down to the job and moved well with purpose. Super glossy coat and nice furnishings completed the picture. A quality bitch.
2nd Smith-Melverly Sophistique L/W of undeniable breed type & quality. She has the most charming head with lots of chisel around expressive gentle eyes. Balanced throughout she appeals for size, shape and type. Moved well with nice forward reach. Just a little lack lustre made my final and difficult decision.
3rd Goodman-Calvdale Swag at Elbrec

Open Bitch 5 (1Ab)
1st Cunliffe-Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch Calvdale My Girl of Fallenleaf JW Sh C.M. The whole package! Fits the standard well and is easy to see why she has both her title and many admirers. Handler and exhibit work well together thus the performance is one of purpose and finesse. The word ‘fluidity’ best describes both hands on and watching her on the move. She is feminine but strong and in fine fettle. Beautifully presented - a credit to her proud owners. Happy to award her BIS
2nd Corbett-Trimere Tantrums and Tiaras Another goodie! Very feminine and with elegance. A different type to 1. Has kindly expression and good skull to foreface ratio.Reachy neck and well laid shoulders. Pleasing in body with good coupling and nice turn to stifle. Happy sound mover.
3rd Warrener-Trimere Tease n Please For Waterwarren
4th Gregory-Arcadia Andalucia

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch 1
1st Drinkall – Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft up to size dog who seemed to enjoy his showing. Attractive head, strong neck, decent front, clean through body, well muscled hind quarters. Happy on the move.

Veteran Dog or Bitch 6 (4Ab)
1st Kirk-Caraday Chantelle of Laceby Showed so well and with great panache on the move - giving nothing away in age.. In fine, gleaming jacket. Expressive, feminine head. Nicely balanced from front to rear. In hard condition.
2nd Downward-Sh Ch Reubens Silent Reflection JW Up to size dog who enjoys the show scene. Attractive headpiece, strong neck into decent front assembly, nice rib and correct hind quarters. Good bone & feet. Nicely presented and happy on the move.

Ellen Dobson Open Stakes 5(3)
1st Goodmans Calvdale Swag at Elbrec This bitch moved with great attitude and purpose. Has both femininity and substance. Attractive head and strong front, well ribbed up and good width to thigh. Well presented.
2nd Drinkalls Mompesson Tribute to Esscroft.

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